GRiT 2023 Date Announced!

The GRiT, a bad idea that just keeps going, is back for 2023! This year we are going to make a bet that spring isn’t so cold and move up a couple of weeks to June 24th. We are also moving to Saturday so that folks can

  1. Enjoy their epic accomplishment and party in town
  2. Spend more time in the beautiful central Cascades

We hope to offer some further course improvements and rest stop fun. The course markings will be dramatically better as well.

Stay tuned for details. We didn’t learn our lesson and we hope you didn’t either!

Rider Instructions


  • Unless you checked-in already with us at Weds Night World Champs, everyone must check-in to get a number plate and their timing tube in the system
  • All the check-ins are at Dru Bru in Cle Elum
  • Check-in Times
    • 5pm to 8pm on 7/9
    • 6am to 7:30am on 7/10

Day of Race

  • Pre-ride meeting at 7:30 at start line
  • 8:00am start

Timing tubes/chips

  • If you have your own timing tube from a local race series such as MFG, CXR, WNWC please bring it to check-in. It will work with our system.
  • For those of you who don’t have a timing tube, you can purchase one for $10 at check-in
  • Please wear your timing tube on your helmet

Course info and Aid stations

  • You will be in the backcountry for much of this race so please be ready and able to self-support with food/water/repair
  • We have 2 excellent aid stations with food/drink/repair/first aid
  • See the Google map for details including where spectators can access the course

After party and Podiums

  • The GRiT crew is going be ready to party once we are all done
  • We will provide post-ride snacks and a free Dru Bru beverage
  • There will be two food trucks on site
  • Podiums (3 deep) will be about 2 hours after the first finisher of each course/category.
  • We think this will happen at 2pm (GRiT), 4pm (L), and 6pm (XL)
  • We have a stage & music! (Thanks to Wick from Cross Revolution)

Waitlist Reg for Gravel Epic now open

While we still don’t have all our permits/permissions in place, we are really close. So close, in fact, that we are opening up our waitlist so that you can get in line. Once we have a clear line of site on our permits, we will move from waitlist to full registration.

Currently the Webscorer will indicate that the event is full – it is not. Ignore that for now and sign up to get on the waitlist. Once the permits are in place, you will be notified via email and can complete your signup.

Thanks for your understanding as well work through all the complexities of making this weekend happen!

Ride update

Off camber is currently working really hard to make the GRiT happen. We are pre-releasing information now so that you can plan ahead. Getting all the permits and permissions in place is a huge challenge, but we are pressing ahead full speed.

Because we aren’t 100% permitted yet, we aren’t going to take any money. Doing a bunch of refunds would be too much of a hassle for you and us.

Thanks for your understanding and support as we push our way through