The GRiT is put on by Off Camber Productions.

We race bikes. Mostly in the dirt. Sometimes on the road.

Our goal is to grow the bike racing community.

Our races bring people together. People come for our racing but stay for the community. You might find your best friends here.

If you’re a newbie—we welcome you. Come try it out. Anyone can jump on a bike and ride around one of our courses—you can call it a race if you want.

All are welcome. We give the same respect to the 7-year-old racer in her first race that we do to the 20-year-old aspiring pro. Bring your mom—we might just get her on a bike.

We don’t take things too seriously. We laugh & heckle. We wear sparkly tights once in a while.

Our races don’t suck. We bring experience and get it right.

Off Camber Productions also puts on the legendary MFG Cyclocross Series and Wednesday Night World Championship mountain bike races.